Freaky Dog People

Freaky Dog People believe it's impossible to love your dog too much. Obsess over them too much.... maybe. Love them too much.... never. After all, they are part of the family.

We are Ted & Leanne, husband and wife of 20 years - that's 140 in dog years. We are the proud parents of Cody, our handsome and sweet Golden Retriever.  He is OUR child and like all loving parents, we spoil him.

How did we discover we were Freaky Dog People? It all started a few years ago when our friends invited us to a Birthday Party for Lacey, their Golden Retriever, who was turning two. We showed up at their house to be greeted by a house full of Goldens - all friends of the birthday girl. It was like a kid's party - games, food, party hats, birthday cake, and lots of treats.

The next day we ran into a friend and without even thinking twice, told her about Lacey's party and how much fun we had. She gave us a funny look and said "Wow, you guys are like, Freaky Dog People."

We were both quiet for a moment when we looked at each other, smiled and said, "Yes, yes we are... and proud of it."

Thus, the idea of Freaky Dog People was created.

Our company and our website are dedicated to all the Freaky Dog People in the world. This is an "exclusive club" for all of us dog lovers to come together, to talk about and share the love and affection we have for our dogs. It's a place where it's okay to wear your heart on your sleeve. We understand you, we embrace you, and we welcome you.

You are one of US!