Top 5 Halloween Dog Costumes We Love!

Dressing up the pups for Halloween?  Let them join the kids and have some fun, too. If you want to be really creative, match the whole group with these adorable outfits this Halloween! Of course, all of these getups should be dog-friendly and be constantly supervised when worn.  Here are 5 of our favorites:

  1. Superhero puppy

If you’re a comic book fan, this idea will have you smiling.  All you really need is a blue coat, a white star on the chest, and a star-studded red and white shield. If your pup's on the small side of the scale you might consider an inflatable shield to save weight. Purpose designed suits will have a leather shield as dogs do have a habit of chewing soft things that are stuck to their side. Keep it safe for a happy puppy!

  1. A cuddly Tarantula

This supper fuzzy spider is too cute and will make you laugh more than it will scare you. Coordinate with the neighborhood pack and things could get really creepy!  Just be sure your pup is enjoying it as much as you are.

  1. The walking pumpkin

How about a real life Jack-O-Lantern? Craft this one yourself if you have some orange sheets or tea towels lying around.  Make a large orange coat and stick a green leaf-shaped hat on his head - done! If you want to nail the texture look for a chequered print or one with a catchy square pattern. Brilliantly simple, costs next to nothing, and won't overheat your pup from prolonged use.

  1. The beanie toy

Simple, yet brilliant.  Perfect for small dogs that actually look like the world-famous TY Beanie Toys we all know and love. This is about as simple and easy as it can get. It's also going to allow your best bud all the freedom they want to jump and run about.

  1. The cowboy

Woo, Doggie!  Get your rodeo on with this hilarious cowboy costume and enjoy endless scenes of heart-pumping western action. Your little buckaroo will be able to run and play all the while.

These are five of the best ideas we’ve seen this year. There are many ways to include your furkid on the fun of Halloween with the whole family.  Please be sure your pup enjoys dressing up and keep them safe with constant supervision. How are you and your pup enjoying Halloween?

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