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5 Safe Halloween Treats For Your Dog This Year

It’s here once again! Get your scariest costume and your most devilish pranks ready for the creepiest candy-filled day of the year - Halloween approaches! Want your canine companion to get in on the fun too? In this post, we’re pointing out 5 awesome dog treats that are perfectly safe for dogs and ooze Halloween spirit. Looking for something easy, practical, and affordable? Then these are your best options:   Blueberry and pumpkin biscuits This recipe from the Festive baker is perfect of dog owners who care about photo opportunities just as much as they care about the dog’s delight. These simple biscuits are adorable, colorful, and very easy to make. If you’re little friend’s on a diet, this healthy...

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Top 5 Halloween Dog Costumes We Love!

Dressing up the pups for Halloween?  Let them join the kids and have some fun, too. If you want to be really creative, match the whole group with these adorable outfits this Halloween! Of course, all of these getups should be dog-friendly and be constantly supervised when worn.  Here are 5 of our favorites:   Superhero Puppy  If you’re a comic book fan, this idea will have you smiling.  All you really need is a blue coat, a white star on the chest, and a star-studded red and white shield. If your pup's on the small side of the scale you might consider an inflatable shield to save weight. Purpose designed suits will have a leather shield as dogs do...

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