How to Throw An Awesome Doggie Birthday Party

Pug with hat

Birthdays, Graduating from Training Class, or just to have some fun… it’s always a great time to have a party!   Make it special with party hats, toys, treats, and good friends.  Give your best pal the best time ever with these easy party tips:


Doggie Decorations

Get Personal With Decorations

One of the best ways to make a party special is to fill the place with decorations especially made for the birthday boy or girl. Do they have a favorite animal toy or sweet treat? If so, get them plastered across banners, balloons, poster, or any other decoration you can think of. Check out Etsy to find a huge pool of dog enthusiasts that make personalized party pieces.



Make Pupcake

The above Pupcake is a carrot cake version made by Padington's Pantry. You can check out their video for a walkthrough of the recipe if you think this looks like the one. The idea behind a Pupcake is to make a sponge cake that’s edible for dogs.

 Make the Pupcake yourself and you can make sure that every ingredient in 100% dog-friendly. They get the best cake they’ve ever eaten, and you get the satisfaction in knowing you’ve made them something extra special for their big day.


Dragon Dog

Dress it up    

Dressing dogs up in costumes is simply adorable, but imagine a whole party of them! Not only will your pup love the canine companionship for the day, but it also gives you a chance to have some human friends over to help you guys celebrate. You can hand out prizes for best costume, create snacks for the whole gang to enjoy, and snap up all the Instagram-friendly fun for all to see.


Doggie Games

Get your game on!

Games are great for two big reasons. First, your dog absolutely loves them! But on top of that, there are loads of games you can play that actually teach your dog valuable lessons in discipline while they play. Here’s a handy list of practical games you can play with your busy buddy that is both fun and educational. Make sure you have a healthy stash of toys and treats to hand if you plan on gaming it up.

Most of all, have fun and BE SAFE!  Invite enough of your own friends around for complete supervision.  Provide plenty of water and give treats and goodies out in moderation.  Keep all the pack happy and healthy for a great time…and send us your party pics!

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