5 Safe Halloween Treats For Your Dog This Year

It’s here once again! Get your scariest costume and your most devilish pranks ready for the creepiest candy-filled day of the year - Halloween approaches! Want your canine companion to get in on the fun too? In this post, we’re pointing out 5 awesome dog treats that are perfectly safe for dogs and ooze Halloween spirit. Looking for something easy, practical, and affordable? Then these are your best options:


Blueberry Pumpkin Treats

  1. Blueberry and pumpkin biscuits

This recipe from the Festive baker is perfect of dog owners who care about photo opportunities just as much as they care about the dog’s delight. These simple biscuits are adorable, colorful, and very easy to make. If you’re little friend’s on a diet, this healthy mix of seed and fruit will fit in perfectly with their healthy living plan. As you can see, it’ll be easy to confuse these bad boys for smarties inspired cookies, so it’d be a good idea to keep them clearly labelled if you’re having guests!


Boneyard Pupcakes

  1. Boneyard pupcakes

Fancy doing something a bit more special this year? This recipe might take a little bit more effort, but your rewards are a set of great pupcakes that look good enough for the kiddies to eat. “Pupcakes” are dog-friendly cupcakes. You drop the sugar and butter and replace them with dog-friendly alternatives that combine well to make a nice bouncy sponge. These are sure to pop on Instagram and the ingredients are “fruit and veggie” based, making them ultra healthy for your pup.


Yogurt Treats

  1. Yoghurt-based dog treats

Yummy yogurt-based treats are simple, incredibly easy, and save you from the threat of too many messy crumbs being left all over the place. Gemma from Bigger Bolder Baking goes over a handy list of tasty yogurt treat ideas for you to choose from. All you need is an ice cube tray or a mould for the shape you want to create along with a mix of ingredients that you think best represent the holiday. Mash them up, fill your mould, let it set, and you’re good to go!


Sweet Potato Chips

  1. Sweet potato chips

Turns out, our doggies are just as crazy about sweet potato as we are!  Healthy, tasty, and perfectly orange for Halloween!  Easy to prepare, too. Slice very thin chips and bake them dry to create a great savory snack your furry kid will love!  (Be sure not to fry or soak in cooking fat!)  Looking for more tasty treats? Check out this sweet potato pretzel recipe.


Doggie Ice Cream

  1. Dog ice cream

After playing and running around with the pack trick-or-treating, what could be better than a nice big scoop of ice cream heaven?  Check out Dog Time’s list of simple doggie ice cream recipes if you think a cold, delicious snack is the perfect treat for a fun night!


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